With Gender pay reporting taking aback seat to the Brexit discussions we take a look at the timeline for implementation of the reporting requirements.

October 2016: The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2016 are expected to come into force on this date. They will require all private and voluntary sector employers with 250 or more employees to publish prescribed information about their gender pay gap.

1 May 2017: Begin to carry out calculations to determine your gender pay gap results

30 April 2018: Publish the results of the gender pay gap analysis on your organisation’s website before 30 April 2018. The results must be posted in a publicly accessible manner. A signed statement that the information is accurate must accompany the results and the results must remain on the website for at least three years.

Upload the gender pay gap analysis results onto the Government’s reporting website.

Although commentary on the gender pay gap results is not required, organisations should consider adding a narrative to help employees and the public understand their results, particularly in cases where gender pay gaps seem significant. Alternatively, commentary can help highlight an organisation’s strong performance relative to its competitors.

If you need help with your gender pay reporting contact HR Initiatives Ltd for further advice.