Trust is a very important part of our day-to-day lives, both in our relationships and our jobs. When you successfully create a ‘culture of trust’ in the workplace, it ensures improved communication, increased productivity and better teamwork.

In addition to this, a culture of trust makes for a much happier work environment, as your employees will trust you, and feel continuously respected.

In the blog below, we have outlined some key considerations to help you create a culture of trust in your business.

Build a culture of trust

Be Consistent

It is vital that, as a manager or business owner, you are consistent in all that you do. For example, with the Covid-19 pandemic ongoing, many employees are taking time off work. In this situation, it is essential that you maintain a clear and consistent message about how to behave in this scenario – for example, by following government guidelines.

You must clearly outline what does warrant time off work, and what doesn’t. Sticking to these “rules” sets a precedent and ensures that every team member knows what to expect. For example, you could make it mandatory to provide proof of a negative Covid test if someone wants to return to the workplace after having Covid.

This same level of consistency should be applied to any decision you make at work. It is important that resentment doesn’t build up amongst your employees because the rules are constantly changing.

Be Approachable

You want to build a culture of trust in your business – and therefore, you want to avoid a ‘culture of fear’. While it is important to be assertive, you also need to remain approachable. The more approachable you are, the more likely your team is to come to you with their problems.

To achieve this trust, verbally communicate that your team can come to you with any problems they may have. You might not always have the answers, but you can offer help and support should they need it.

Admitting that you don’t always have the answers is another way to become more approachable.

Being respectful to everyone is a good way to build trust. This can be achieved when you:

  • Listen to other people’s ideas with an open mind
  • Deal with any conflict in a healthy, constructive way
  • Make sure employees know that you appreciate them

Let your team know that your door is always open. Smile at your team in the mornings and don’t be afraid to laugh and joke with them. You may be their boss, but you can still be a friendly one.

become more approachable

Build Trust from Day 1

New employees never know what to expect on their first day. The training they receive during their first month of work will help them understand what’s expected of them. They’ll also learn about the type of behaviour that you expect in the workplace.

When you create a great onboarding experience, new employees automatically feel more at ease. The first day in a new job is always nerve-wracking – however, it makes a world of difference when you communicate in a way which is:

  • Friendly
  • Open
  • Clear

Follow through with all of your first-day commitments as this will build even more trust. When your team expects that what you say is the truth, they will believe in you and trust you.

Another way to build trust is to maintain confidentiality, where possible. The last thing your team needs is for you to spread gossip. You can openly share some information from time to time, but you need to know what you can and can’t share. Gossiping about personal matters, for example, is never a good idea and could be a breach of GDPR. Not only will you create enemies, but people will be less likely to trust you.

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Creating a culture of trust in your business is crucial. It can legitimately make a difference to the way your business is run. While it may take time to build up trust, your hard work is likely to pay off.

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