Every industry you can think of has faced significant challenges over the past 2 years. People are redefining what the workplace should look like, and what their ‘dream job’ might be.

In response to these changing trends, the Human Resources sector has had to get creative. The rise of hybrid and remote working has brought increased reliance on digital technology – and as a result, HR companies are using technology to complete daily tasks in an easier, more efficient way.

Read on for some of the top HR technology trends of 2022.

Performance Management Software

The Human Resources industry is (rightly) turning its back on generic, unpersonal performance reviews. The need to make your employees feel valued and heard is greater than ever – and the right software can help HR departments achieve this.

Performance management software offers flexibility and customisation when providing and receiving feedback to employees. You can use it to:

  • Group performance data by office or department
  • Gain improved insight into your teams
  • Encourage and support the development of your employees
  • Make more informed decisions

All employee feedback results can then be stored in a central repository – making it easier to identify trends, as well as your best/worst performers.

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Hiring Technology

The hiring process is typically extremely time-consuming and expensive. After months of recruitment, many companies find that they still have not filled their role. Fortunately, new technology which is becoming commonplace in the industry is making it easier to streamline the hiring process.

You will benefit the most from hiring technology if it enables you to:

  • Automate filtering and scanning of CVs
  • Centralise all candidate data
  • Respond to applicants

When all information is stored in one place, it empowers you to run reports based on your data. This can enable an iterative process whereby you identify common issues with past applicants, or in their understanding of the role. This may provide better understanding on how advertisements could be re-worded, job descriptions could be altered, or how better candidates can be sought out.

Furthermore, many modern-day hiring technologies can integrate seamlessly with the leading jobs platforms, including:

  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • Monster
  • The right integration will prevent confusion or duplication of data when posting vacancies on different platforms. It will be less-time consuming and much more convenient.

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    Chatbots in Employee Management

    Many HR companies shy away from the idea of a ‘chatbot’ because it seems depersonalised. However, believe it or not, chatbots can make it easier for you to address specific employee concerns.
    Many companies are implementing chatbot systems to improve their people management. By using this communication channel, your business’s employees will be able to talk in complete privacy about HR-related topics such as:

  • Employee benefits
  • Working shifts
  • Payroll
  • In addition, the Human Resources industry is often dealing with private and sensitive data, due to the nature of its job. This information needs to be handled properly at all times. One way in which HR companies can guarantee this confidentiality and privacy is by providing employees with total control over their data when using an HR chatbot. In summary, data shared with the chatbot stays in it, so that no one else can access the private information.

    Digital Document Management System

    Digital-only documentation is becoming increasingly common as more employees work from home, or under a hybrid model. Not only does this make documents more collaborative, but the absence of a paper-trail is beneficial for the environment, too.

    In response to this digital trend, businesses are using digital document management systems to save time and improve the accuracy of their data. When all this information is stored in a central repository, it enables teams to make valuable insights much, much quicker.

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    Technology in HR – The Trends of 2022

    It is no surprise that technology is more prevalent than ever in the HR industry. Companies can use these new innovations to save time, provide a more personal employee experience, and to make it much easier to identify trends amongst their performers.

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